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WCS is a global, facilities-based carrier, operating a Sonus-powered network with POPs in Tier III data centers across multiple switching hubs, POPs, colocation, and NOCs throughout North America and Asia. Our carrier-grade infrastructure brings redundancy via a multi-tiered, self-healing topology - providing maximum uptime for voice and data networks. Our owned, not resold, hosted PBX/SIP trunking technology platforms deliver comprehensive next-generation services. Sophisticated least-cost routing ensures lower cost on circuits and voice calls.

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The WCS Advantage

Learn more about why WCS is the nation's leading On-NET & Connectivity Solutions provider



One call. One contact. One monthly bill. Our consolidated invoicing drives efficiencies and overall cost savings

Managed Services


WCS's proven leaders in industry deliver personalized, 24/7 support that evolves and scales to meet your business needs.

Our Network

Our Network

Our extensive and diverse network infrastructure equips WCS to develop customized digital solutions that maximize uptime and connectivity.

Why Our Clients Trust Us

WCS Simplifies the Management of Your Telecom Solutions

At WCS, we make customized voice and data conversions as simple as possible. Our enterprise wireless solutions easily integrate into your existing digital environment, instantly enabling you to monitor business operations from anywhere. Additionally, WCS's single invoice system eliminates potential billing issues associated with multi-carrier solutions.

Most importantly, WCS's onsite team of experts manages client needs via a portal, not email. Our clients save an average of 30% or more on the total cost of ownership of their telecom supply chain, and 97% of care and billing issues are closed within 48 hours. Other important service differentiators include:

→ One real-time portal for service and repair tickets, including lifecycle milestones
→ No Technology Obsolescence –  our clients move to new technologies within the same master agreement
→ One place to call - WCS offers one platform to address all of your telecom needs with redundancy
→ Patented, award-winning telecom lifecycle software to manage entire telecom supply

Exceptional Customer Service 

WCS’s seasoned Team Members are experts within their specific fields and are committed to upholding the highest standards of customer service excellence. Our experienced and dedicated employees, combined with WCS’s custom-designed customer processes and extensive suite of network services, allow WCS to provide customers with an exceptional customer service experience. 

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WCS Core Service Families

• networkWCS - Colocation/SIP Trunking/Hosted PBX
• TDM & IP Voice - 1+ Outbound, Toll-Free, Audio/Web/Video Conferencing
• Local – Analog POTS and Digital PRI (50-States, Puerto Rico and Canada)
• Connectivity Services (DSL/CableCo – DIA/MPLS/VPLS 1.5 Mbps – 100 Gbps)


Demo our Intelligent Call Router (ICR)

NetworkWCS' Intelligent Call Router (ICR) is a proprietary software interface used to provide REAL TIME control of networkWCS call routing.  ICR customers can login to our secure portal and manage the routing of DID telephone numbers 's and toll free numbers from over 9,000 CO's in North America and 139 countries worldwide.  Best of all, ICR customers can do this independently, on demand without a phone call to WCS, if desired.   

Create & Execute call volume allocation. Build & deploy disaser recovery plans. Design nested call flows (time of day, day of week, site, % allocation, busy/no answer.reroute, play messages at peak busy times, etc)

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