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Owned, Managed, and Maintained

We operate, manage, and maintain our own advanced IP network and have years of experience we leverage to remove the risks and complexity of integrating cloud communications solutions with today’s IP networks.

voice services


Our voice solutions enable multi-network management on a single bill

Managed Services


Our managed IT services support a wide array of applications

Data solutions


WCS is a managed cloud service provider with locations all over the US

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Convenience Rebill

Convenience Rebill Service permits WCS to act as a handling agent for charges to Customer via third party service providers (“TPSP”) in areas or products where WCS does not currently provide Service or via TPSP’s that WCS cannot directly wholesale to Customer.

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networkWCS Dispatch Services

Wholesale Carrier Services provides technician dispatch services for various services including but not limited to demarcation poirnt extensions, inside wiring services and other connectivity-related services via  its appointed service provider network throughout the United States.   Additional services including global coverage can be provided under a separate written WCS Professional Servcies  Statement of Work (SoW) if required.

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networkWCS EnterpriseView InSite

networkWCS EnterpriseView InSite provides monitoring and management of WCS and third party applications and services where applications and services are provided by WCS and equipment if applicable, is either provided by networkWCS as part of the service, or where equipment supporting the service is provided directly by the customer and contracted under this pricing schedule.  The extent of monitoring and management varies as described below. WCS applications and services are defined as those services provided by networkWCS and include but are not limited to the following: 

Hosted Business PBX
Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)
Wide Area Networking Technologies including Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS), Private Lines etc.
Physical & Virtual Servers

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networkWCS SD-WAN

WCS is providing a managed SD-WAN + SD-Security solution, based on the Versa Networks software. The solution intersects network, security and application needs at any location; including features that range and/or include routing, SD-WAN, SD-Security. In delivery of the Services, Customer will have a Customer Premise Equipment (“CPE”), which may be rented or sold to Customer, enabling the Services at the Customer location, which may be a branch, headquarters, data center or Cloud location/environment. Customer shall also be provided a partitioned use of the WCS Director for visibility of their locations and/or reporting capabilities via Analytics view.

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We specialize in multi-location enterprise business customers offering one consolidated bill, one contract, and a single vendor providing white glove service and support. We are renowned in the industry for delivering a broad range of innovative solutions at competitive rates, and currently manage over 4 million toll-free numbers and process over a billion minutes every month.

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